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April Event –Tour a Car Collection and Restoration Shop

On April 14th, the Straight Eights will join Tri-Valley for atour of Rob Burchill’s antique car collection nearBurkittsville, MD. There is also a restoration shop in the same building. Rob is an early car enthusiast and avid Mopar collector.

But first: A meal and social gathering! And here is where it gets complicated.  You have TWO choices, and depending on your choice, there is a different meeting time, RSVP method, and deadline.

If you plan to skip brunch/lunch, and go directly to the site of our tour, location information is below.

NOTE: since this is the Burchill residence, do NOT arrive extra-early.  They might not want people parked on their property, milling around aimlessly while they are still at church or something. 

Instead, plan to arrive at 1:00PM.

The address is 5955 Picnic Woods Rd. Jefferson, MD 21755.  This is a rural road, and there is a pair of non-descript driveway entrances next to each other.  The Burchill driveway is the one on the left, with the concrete apron (instead of blacktop/gravel). Rob says he will try to put out some traffic cones at the end to mark his entrance.  When you go up the hill to the back where the garage is, there is parking available in a grassy field if it is not too wet and muddy, otherwise, try to stay on the gravel/paved areas.